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Sustainability Pills - What is carbon footprint and why should we reduce it?

August 25, 2023

Sustainability Pills

What is carbon footprint and why should we reduce it?


The carbon footprint is a methodology created to estimate greenhouse gas emissions resulting from daily human activities. This methodology allows us to estimate the impact each product, process or service consumed by us has on atmosphere.

All human activity affects somehow the planet, but burning fossil fuels, whether by using the car to run short distances or producing first-use PET plastics, is one of the activities that most generate carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. These gases cause global warming and accelerate the loss of the planet's biodiversity, besides causing severe climate changes and raising ocean levels.

Changing habits is key to reduce carbon footprint on the planet and choosing products that use recyclable or recycled packaging is one of the simplest ways to start with!

Virgin PET bottles generate a large carbon footprint, mainly due to their non-renewable fossil-sourced raw material. The use of post-consumer resin to manufacture new PCR packaging helps to reduce the carbon footprint generated by the extraction of fossil fuels for the production of PETs, complying with a sustainable consumption principle.

Use, recycle and renew for a different purpose.

Reduce our carbon footprint is important for the health of the planet and the future of our economy. By making conscious choices intended to reduce the use of fossil fuels, we can help protect the environment and build a more sustainable future for everyone.


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