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Sustainability pills Recycling helps planet live longer and better

October 25, 2023

The impacts of humans on the planet are increasingly being felt by society,
especially the low-income strata, who are affected directly by flooding caused
by rain, as well as the prolonged and severe water shortages occurring during
the year.

The increased Greenhouse Gas emissions resulting from the industrialization
processes and the carbon footprint generated by our actions in our environment
are responsible as well for the extreme climate variations we have lately

Disposing non-recyclable and recyclable waste for correct treatment is a highly
efficient manner of helping the planet recover from the damage caused by
human activities as a whole.

For example, plastic packaging recycling helps reduce trash on the streets
(which clogs storm drains and cause flooding in large cities) and on the nature
(endangering the health of animals and contributing to the extinction of dozens
of marine species). Another point is that plastic recycling helps prevent that
60% of Greenhouse Gases derived from the production of a new plastic be
released into the atmosphere.

Furthermore, waste recycling also helps highlight the importance of collectors
and cooperatives who work hard to provide a proper destination to our waste,
generating recognition, employment and income for these professionals.
Our choice to use PCR Resin in our new packaging aimed to provide a more
sustainable world for nature and human beings!

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