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Sustainability pills - Lower impact, more sustainability

December 04, 2023

Plastic materials play very important roles in modern society. Its malleability
and ability to adapt to everyday needs allows us, among other things, to preserve and
transport goods and food with greater safety and efficiency.

Even with so many benefits, plastic, as we know it today, is a problem that
significantly affects the environment. Besides the gradual reduction in the supply of its
raw material (oil), plastic objects take centuries to decompose and are often
inappropriately discarded.

Aware of the need to reduce the impact of plastic on the environment, many
companies are looking for intelligent solutions so that oil-sourced plastic does not pose
a problem for their product life cycle. Here at Avert, we opted to gradually replace our
packaging with PCR plastic.

The industry uses the acronym PCR to refer to plastic materials produced from
other plastics recycling. This means that our new packaging is both recycled and
recyclable, increasing the plastic life cycle and contributing to the sustainability of the
entire chain.

This way, we can make better use of the natural resources that are already
accessible to us without compromising their availability to our future generations of
people, in addition to gradually reducing the environmental impact, encouraging
selective collection and recycling.


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