We are Avert® Biolab Saúde Animal, the veterinary division of Biolab Pharma. And just like Biolab, quality and innovation are a fundamental part of our DNA. We work to provide the best solutions for the well-being of cats and dogs, in order to collaborate for the best quality of life and longevity of these animals. We are committed to collaborating on access to the best pharmaceutical practices for the continuous development of Brazilian veterinary medicine. Operating in the medicine, nutraceutical and dermocosmetic sectors, we invest in production technologies and in the search for innovative treatments.

Thus, we believe that we can change and transform lives. All products are produced from the highest quality raw materials and offered in dosage forms that value the safety and comfort of the pets. To that end, all processes pass through the hands of our highly qualified professionals, who work at our industrial unit in Bragança Paulista (SP). We are people taking care of people and their pets. Caring for the well-being of cats and dogs is a commitment we take on with pride and responsibility. After all, we are passionate about life!

Like the other companies in the Biolab group, Avert® Biolab Saúde Animal invests financial and human resources to bring INNOVATION and SAFETY to Brazilian families. That’s why we strive to deliver pharmaceutical and nutritional solutions that keep your pets healthy. We believe that in order to ensure effectiveness and safety, it is essential to invest in the adoption of the best TECHNOLOGY and in the excellence of raw material quality. For that purpose, we use the best available to offer quality of life for pets:

  • 1 Harmaceutical-grade vitamins
  • 2 Levogyrous amino acids (l-)
  • 3 Amino acid chelated minerals
  • 4 Selected ingredients

We are also committed to collaborating on access to the best pharmaceutical practices for the continued development of Brazilian veterinary medicine.



Biolab is a pharmaceutical industry with the mission to develop, manufacture and commercialize products that improve the quality of life of its customers, always combining quality and high aggregated technological value, as well as an excellent reputation with the medical class, at suitable prices to the company’s reality and the Brazilian customer.


To be the Brazilian pharmaceutical industry renowned for its constant pursuit of innovation and quality in products, processes and people management, in order to generate the best returns on capital.


Commitment, adaptability, entrepreneurship and people appreciation. For Biolab, commitment means acting with integrity and the company’s interests in mind. It is having a responsible attitude and being determined to achieve and exceed expected results. For the company, adaptability is the ability to quickly adjust to new scenarios, upholding ethical and legal principles with agility and respect. It is being flexible and adept at creating a striking and unique identity that encourages diversity of opinion. Entrepreneurship for Biolab is implementing actions and devising new methods through application of knowledge and opportunity insights. It is growing in a sustainable manner, based on innovation and creativity, balancing risks and returns inherent to the business. For the Biolab group, appreciation is acting with respect and solidarity. It is encouraging employees to balance their personal and professional lives in a healthy manner, resulting in better quality of life.

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