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Sustainability pills - Recycled packaging is more cost-effective

October 24, 2023

One of the multiple advantages of using PCR plastic to manufacture products
and packaging is its sustainable principle. Several plastic materials can be
recycled and reused for new purposes, preserving the natural resources without
impairing future generations. Another great advantage is their low cost.

The cost for the production of PCR plastic is lower, since it derives from other
plastic materials instead of the virgin raw material originated from the burning of
fossil fuels. Therefore, the recycling process is much less laborious and harmful
to the environment.

When properly processed, PCR plastic provides the same resistance and
efficacy as the plastic sourced directly from the original raw material, without
compromising its quality or function, which can be demonstrated by the fact that
many food industries are already replacing their plastic packaging with PCR
packaging, such as Natural One* and Hellmann’s**.

Just as the two companies mentioned above, with PCR packaging, Avert seeks
to be a more sustainable company, benefiting the environment and our
customers' pockets!

* https://netzero.projetodraft.com/natural-one-queremos-provar-que-e-possivel/
/ https://exame.com/bussola/sucos-natural-one-passam-a-usar-embalagens-de-

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