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Sustainability pills - PCR resin is already part of our daily lives

December 18, 2023

Many people do not realize it, but materials made from post-consumer resin, or
PCR plastic, are increasingly common in our daily lives. From garden furniture to plastic
grocery bags, as well as food packaging and household items, the versatility of PCR
resin goes beyond the conventional concept we are used to.

All of this is possible because, despite being the result of PET packaging
recycling, the resistance and durability, as well as the safety and robustness of PCR
resin-sourced products are the same as products made from virgin plastic resin.

The major difference, in fact, is that products made from PCR resin reduce the
potential for environmental pollution through the correct disposal of packaging for
recycling after consumption, increasing the raw material (plastic) life cycle instead of
its early disposal, and benefiting the recycling cooperatives, generating a positive
social impact.

This information was very important to base the choice of PCR resin for our
packaging, starting with the dermocosmetic product line. Soon, Noxxi® and Oat Care®
shampoos and sprays packaging, made from PCR resin, will be available nationwide,
strengthening our sustainability goal.

Our daily choices affect the entire ecosystem, make your choices consciously!

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